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Nude hoardings slowly taking twin cities into its grip
By Kautuk Mitra  Published on: 01-May-2008 12:00:00
Place: Cuttack
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Advertising is one of the major tools companies use to direct persuasive communication to target buyers. In the era of liberalization market leaders think advertisements with sex-related images are what can sell products fast. Many are attracted to these ads, some are amused and the show goes on and on.

It seems nudity hoarding slowly taking twin cities in to its grip as any one can find an increasing number of hoardings that advertise undergarments in a very bad and indecent manner in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack in Orissa.

Is nudity in hording in the form of advertising is a trend in twin cities? Is our conservation twin city ready for this? All these volly of questions comes to fore that has to be answered.

Despite modernization, there is a traditional and cultural sense in our heart. We might be smoking or chewing gutkha and our parents are not unaware of it, but still then we don't dare to do it in front of them.

Similar is the case with advertisements; we are not mentally prepared to see exposed and vulgar advertisements while watching television with our parents and family members.

Nudity hoardings in the twin cities have not spared even the temple areas

A hoarding near the Gurudwara that shows a couple wearing only "Spyker jeans" with the lady showing her bare back to the camera. In such a sacred place, where people come with their families, imagine what the parents will answer to their children if they are asked, "Why that uncle and aunty not wearing clothes and why they are showing their back to us ?" says Ranjeeta Swain with anger on her face.

This is not the end. Even, you can find such hoarding located near schools and colleges. What message these companies are trying to spread among the standard-1 or standard -2 students? Such types of hoardings may or may not increase sales of products but might prompt all those "Road Romeos", who always pass comments towards the girls.

Prativa Dash, a 45 year school teacher says that just like the movies, the advertisements in the hoardings should also pass through a censor board.

"Can you tell me why in 'LEMAX jeans' hoarding does need two young girls wearing bikini and seating on the bed and how Bikinis and men's Jeans are interconnected?" She asked the questions.

According to a psychologist the hoardings with obscene visuals have a bad impact on school going children and teenagers. Administration should seriously look in to the matter.

Before preparing any advertisement we should follow the rules prescribed by the Advertising Standards Council of India.

As per the Advertising Standards Council of India Underwear ad is clean. But I believe I think all advertisements for lingerie and underwear are in bad taste. Manufacturers just think about increasing their sales and not about propriety. Don't they understand that people shy away to see such ads?" says Amrit Mohanty , a advertising student.

"The Government aims at covering 20,000 boys and girls from different colleges for the test, which will be conducted during the current financial year. We have already initiated talks with NASSCOM," Mohapatra said.

Similar kind of views has been expressed by Sarita Panda, a Utkal University student. According to her the advertisement that displays a male model in a vest, who has a camera and a gun in his hands, and a lady kissing his chest. Now can anyone tell me how many of you go out for a walk only with underwear so that girls will kiss you?

Psychologically people are attracted to things sexually. Sex does not always work. Staying consistent to branding is important. Using sex to sell products which have a clean, family-oriented image violates brand trust.

Expressing his personal experience Anirudha Sen, an undergarment shop owner said "all the hoardings are full of sex appeal and hardly anybody remembers the brand name? These hoardings are not increasing the sales; customers generally buy only those undergarments that we suggest them to.

If a manufacturer wants to present a product to consumers, he should put the advertisements in shops or malls, where the real customers go to buy undergarments." He further added.

The administration should also look in to the matter seriously. For the sake of some extra revenue they should not permit advertisers to show nudity in the hoarding near school, college, temple areas or any part of Twin city, which could bring bad fame among the tourists coming to twin cities.

One cannot deny the importance of advertisements in today's cut-throat competitive world, where every company tries to out do other in sales and market capturing. But what is required is a code of decency and ethics so as to make it suitable for all ages that could be put in hoarding in the twin cities. Aren't the products potential enough to sale themselves without the backing of nudity or obscenity?

Simple, plain and informative hoarding can also make things wonder for the advertisers and could create the image of its consumers as clean, fresh and natural.

Nude hoardings slowly taking twin cities into its grip A hoarding showing under wear advertisement in Badambadi Cuttack.

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