Biohacking Boom in India: Balancing Ancient Wisdom with Modern Innovations for Longevity and Health

Biohacking is picking up in India, with people trying everything from cryotherapy to IV therapy. As more people enter biohacking, it is important that we approach it with excitement and caution. Millionaires spending millions to reverse their biological age, it also raises a question: can biohacking help us live longer and healthier

Rakesh Somani, Biohacker, Ironman Triathlete, COO & Co-founder Decode Age

While biohacking is a new term, this concept of lengthening life is not new. Indian traditions, through the Vedas and yoga, have always emphasised practices for extending life and healthspan. My journey into biohacking started when I was training for the Ironman races. Meeting Ben Greenfield was a turning point. That meeting inspired me to explore more biohacks to enhance my performance and optimise my overall health. Initially, it was more about improving my workouts, but slowly, it became a holistic approach. Today, I feel amazing – clear mind, I have more energy, and I also experience less brain fog. It has been a process of trial and error, finding what works best for me.

My Top Three Biohacks for Longevity for Beginners:

Start Optimising Your Sleep: Rest is the most important first step. Technology like Oura rings or Whoop bands to help track the quality of your sleep. Focus more on getting a deep REM sleep rather than just the 8 hours.

Begin with Mindfulness & Meditation exercises: Breathwork practices like WimHoff techniques and meditation have a lot of positive effects when it comes to stress reduction and may help with mental clarity.

Explore Grounding & Light Therapy: Daily sunlight exposure, or red-light therapy can help improve cellular function. Hot and cold treatments, infrared sauna baths, and cold plunges offer numerous health benefits too. Incorporate these therapies slowly into your biohacking routine. When it comes to longevity and healthy ageing, key practices include personalised nutrition based on your microbiome via gut tests and health supplements such as NAD+ boosters like NR or NMN, magnesium, omega-3s, vitamins D3 & K2. Physical health is also equally important; high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or the REHIT will help improve physical health and keep you running healthily in the longer run. Incorporating biohacking principles into daily routines doesnt have to be overwhelming. Biohacking is about discovering and incorporating practices that work best for you. It’s more about finding what I would call a beautiful state of mind.

Start with small, actionable steps that align with your goals. Gradually incorporate new techniques, supplements and practices. The science of longevity and ageing is rapidly evolving, stay informed on the latest research, integrate biohacking techniques, and stay ageless as you age. Remember, Biohacking is more about ageing healthy rather than simply adding years to your life.

Article by: Rakesh Somani, Biohacker | Ironman Triathlete | COO & Co-founder Decode Age.

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