Six-Day Residential Manav Rachna Global Summer School Delivers Transformative Experiences

52 Future Maestros attended the 6 day residential program

Students explored learning across 6 domains

Program culminated with celebratory showcase of student learnings

Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI) recently hosted the Future Maestro Global Summer School – a 6-day residential program designed to provide students with multidisciplinary exposure and experiential learning opportunities.

52 Students, Endless Learning: Manav Rachnas Global Summer School Blends Knowledge, Adventure, and Social Service

The Global Summer School offered a unique blend of academic exploration and practical experiences. Students immersed themselves in 6 exciting domains – Design & Creativity, MediaVerse, InnoTech Fusion, Legal Vibes, Psychology Experientia, and Hospitality & Culinary. The program featured interactive sessions with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, cybersecurity experts, finance professionals, and sustainability icons, while engaging participants in fun and adventure activities such as trekking, sports matches, and heritage walks. Community service initiatives and workshops on building personal relationships and confidence were also integral parts of the curriculum. The program culminated in a grand ceremony where parents joined to witness their children showcase the projects they had worked on throughout the week.

The program featured interactive sessions with industry leaders and engaging activities. Participants connected with Mr. Manan Gandhi, Founder & CEO of &work, to learn about his entrepreneurial journey and with Mr. Himanshu Mangla from Art of Living for insights on interpersonal relationships. Key sessions included Mr. Sumant Shekhar, Founder & CEO of Lakshya, discussing sustainability, and Mr. Suraj Kumar Ashoka from StockGro covering investment fundamentals. Ms. Pooja Malhotra from NCSSS highlighted social media risks and cybersecurity importance.

Fun activities like movie nights, heritage walks, talent showcases, and sports were highlights, along with a trek in the Aravalli hills where Mr. Pankaj Grover taught about conservation. Cooking competition judged by Chef Lalit Mohan added excitement, and community service at The Earth Saviours Foundation, led by Mr. Jas Kalra, emphasized empathy and giving back.

The program concluded with Mr. Sushant Kalra from the Parwarish Institute of Parenting sharing insights on communication with teens. During the grand ceremony, parents proudly witnessed their childrens project presentations, reflecting a week of significant learning and development.

Dr. Amit Bhalla, Vice President, MREI, commented, “The Future Maestro Global Summer School exemplifies our commitment to holistic education. By exposing students to multiple disciplines and real-world experiences, were nurturing well-rounded individuals prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.”

This initiative aligns perfectly with MREIs mission of fostering future leaders and supports the New Education Policys emphasis on multidisciplinary education. The programs success has prompted plans for expansion in the coming years, with the aim of reaching more students and further enhancing MREIs reputation as a pioneer in innovative education.

Mr. Rajiv Kapoor, MD, MREI added, “Were thrilled with the enthusiastic response to our Global Summer School. By combining academic rigor with real-world applications and fun activities, weve created an environment where students can discover their passions and develop crucial life skills. We look forward to building on this success and creating even more impactful educational experiences in the future.”

The Future Maestro Global Summer School 2024 marks another milestone in Manav Rachnas journey of providing education that transcends conventional boundaries, preparing students not just for careers, but for life.

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