Sooper Dooper Kids Clothing Partners with Sheikha Arwa Al Qassimi to Launch a Kindness Movement Empowering Children

Sooper Dooper Kids, a purpose-driven online ecommerce childrens clothing brand has received an undisclosed sum of funding from Her Highness Sheikha Arwa Al Qassimi of Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.

Dedicated to fashion with a purpose, Sooper Dooper Kids caters to children aged 5 to 12, introducing the “One Purchased = One Donated” initiative, promising to spread joy and opportunity to underprivileged children across India.

Their inaugural collection features premium printed 100% cotton tees, crafted for comfort, breathability, and durability. Adorned with whimsical characters brought to life through cutting-edge Direct to Garment printing technology, each piece is a testament to their dedication to quality and creativity.

Mr. Nevil Darukhanawala – Founder, Sooper Dooper kids

Founder Nevil Darukhanawala, emphasizes, “Wanting to leave behind a kinder and more inclusive world for my 9 year old daughter Ariana is what inspired me to launch the Sooper Dooper Kids impact platform where all parents and children can participate in making the dream of a better world come true. At Sooper Dooper Kids, fashion is not just about wearing; its about caring and sharing too.”

The partnership with Her Highness Sheikha Arwa Al Qassimi marks a pivotal moment in the brands mission to inspire kindness and compassion, empowering children to witness the transformative impact of their choices on peers in need.

We are thrilled to unite with Sooper Dooper Kids in our quest to spread joy and opportunity to children in need,” expresses Her Highness Sheikha Arwa Al Qassimi. “Acts of kindness, no matter how small, have the power to brighten someone’s day and create a ripple effect of positivity. By nurturing kindness, inclusivity, generosity, and the spirit of giving back, we empower young minds to believe in their ability to effect change in the world.

Sooper Dooper Kids distributes the donated t shirts using a network of organizations and charities that are already supporting and working with underprivileged kids living in the streets, rural areas and cities. The brand is committed to full transparency and each donated item is verified and available for everyone to follow the impact journey and stories.

We invite parents and children alike to embark on this journey of spreading kindness and making a difference,” urges Darukhanawala. “Together, we can build a world where kindness, inclusivity, and generosity reign supreme.

For more information about Sooper Dooper Kids and its transformative initiatives, please visit

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